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Neilu Naini

Every person has the right to practice aikido free of sexual harassment and abuse.

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I believe in a world where every person has the right to practice aikido free of sexual harassment and abuse. 
I will contribute to making our dojos safe spaces for all.
I commit to stand up and speak out against sexual misconduct in our community.

Thanks for pledging! Once your name is received, it will be added to this list.

332 individuals have pledged
76 dojos/organizations have pledged
(last updated 09/03/2022)

Individual Pledgers:
Heidi Albright, Darrell Bluhm, John Brinsley, Barbara Britton, Laura S. Brown, PhD, Josh Gold, Malory Graham, Jobe Groot, Katherine S. Heins, George S. Ledyard, Lynne Morrison, Deb Pastors, Benjamin Pincus, Robert Savoca, Kristina Varjan, Jamie Zimron
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Aikido Daiwa, Aikido of Champlain Valley, Brooklyn Aikikai, Cloud Mountain Living Arts & Aikido,
Mountain Coast Aikikai, Oak Park Aikikai, Seattle Aikikai, The Integral Dojo
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Neilu Naini



As a survivor, I realize that sharing my story is imperative to making aikido communities safer and more inclusive. Read about the origins of this website on the About Page. My personal account is not easy to read. When you are in the right space, please read and share your comments through the Contact page. Through reflection and sharing, we can hope for a better future.

Sitting in seiza



Interested in finding others to talk to? Join our Safe Space conversations. Find resources and share resources. You are not alone. Reach out to us through the Contact page.




Are you an aikido instructor? Are you facing sexual harassment issues in your organization? Once you become aware and acknowledge the importance of being able to provide aikido training free of any abuse, reach out for help. Find resources outside of your aikido organization.

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